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Discover Calatañazor and the Romanesque of Soria.

Calatañazor is a small town in Soria that went down in history because of tradition and legend. It is said that here suffered the Muslim leader Almanzor an important defeat in the year 1002 after the last of his destructive raids on the Christian north and, on that occasion, affected La Rioja.

La Ermita de la Soledad, restored in the mid-1980s, is a church with a nave and an austere apse of magnificent ashlar masonry with two columns and three loopholes topped by semicircular overalls of fleshy bifolias, bezantes and diamond tips, very similar to those seen in San Bartolomé de Ucero.

The corbels are a rich sample of human and animal heads. Under the eaves, between two modillions the figure of a sedentary musician was embedded.

The entrance door is open on the northern wall and although simple is elegant, with three archivolts, one of them with voluminous vegetal decoration based on bifolias and another of fine baquetón. Unfortunately he has lost the columns that probably served as support.

The ship is covered with gable wood. The triumphal arch, of half a point, gives way to the presbytery that has a vault with a pointed half-barrel and an apse with a quarter-sphere. The exterior loopholes correspond with windows with archivolts on columns encapiteladas with fronted animals and plants.

  • Calatañazor. Ruins of San Juan Bautista.

In front of the Hermitage of La Soledad, on the other side of the road, there are the decayed ruins of San Juan Bautista, from which the south portal of four archivolts stands out.

  • Calatañazor. Church of Santa María del Castillo.

The voluminous church of Santa María del Castillo, which currently serves as the parochial of Calatañazor, underwent the replacement of the head in the 16th century in the Late Gothic style and the nave in the 18th century, leaving the Romanesque era only the imafronte, although very elevated The most remarkable of the outside is the cover with three archivolts slightly pointed, the intermediate one very decorated and with two pairs of columns with birds, faucets and vegetal motives in their capitals.

  • Calatañazor. Church of Santa María del Castillo.

The door is framed by alfiz, in the Muslim style and above it runs a small blind arcade with three arches, a tetralobulated one with two columns of support, and above it a large oculus of illumination. The baptismal font seems to be Romanesque.

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