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Security protocol

All the hotels in the Chain are following all the security measures established by the World Health Organization and the health authorities on the coronavirus (COVID-19) so that the service and attention to our clients is 100% safe. Therefore, we want to convey a message of tranquility and confidence with the measures adopted since we have an action protocol following the instructions of the authorities to adequately solve any unforeseen event.

Your safety comes first, for the greatest peace of mind during your stay.

Castilla Termal Hoteles has obtained the BSafe Seal of Family Business of Castilla y León, audited by KPMG specialists.

This certification guarantees that the adhered companies comply with hygiene, cleanliness and social distancing requirements aimed at the control and prevention of Covid-19, which accredit them as safe spaces, and has been granted to the four establishments of the chain: Castilla Termal Monasterio de Valbuena, Castilla Termal Balneario de Solares, Castilla Termal Balneario de Olmedo and Castilla Termal Burgo de Osma.

KPMG has been in charge of verifying that the procedures and activities implemented in Castilla Termal are sanitary and hygienic measures in accordance with the Covid-19 Management Policy of the Family Business Association of Castilla y León.

We have implemented the following measures to ensure the safety of our guests and employees:

01. Team and collaborators:

• TRAINING AND UPDATING. Continuous training of all personnel on the new protocols, with a permanent update in the face of new contingencies and scenarios

• HYGIENE PROTOCOLS. Hygiene measures previously established in all employee work areas have been reinforced. After each shift, a disinfection of each uniform and each work station will be carried out. The use of a mask will be mandatory and the use of the hydroalcoholic gel frequent.

• HEALTH SURVEILLANCE. The body temperature of each employee will be measured. 

• PROTOCOL OF THE STAFF DINING ROOM. Maintaining a safe distance in the internal dining room. Meal shifts by departments.

• MERCHANDISE RECEPTION. Strengthening of the merchandise protocol with disinfection and sanitation of personnel and products.

• WAREHOUSES. Disinfection of goods and storage area after each deposit of the goods. Provider registration per day.

02. Reception:

• CHECK-IN EXPRESS. Anticipation of the client''s reservation data via email and telephone to minimize contact and avoid the use of paper.

• LUGGAGE AND CAR PARK PROTOCOL. The valet parking service is temporarily eliminated at Castilla Termal Monasterio de Valbuena but we maintain the valet service to help move your luggage.

• KEY AND SIGNATURE PROTOCOL. Objects such as pens, room or car keys and dataphone will be disinfected after their exchange. 

• SECURITY CORNER FOR CUSTOMERS. We have included a hydroalcoholic solution at the entrance of the hotel and for your peace of mind we will replace or keep the doors open as much as possible to ensure effective ventilation.

• INFORMATION FOR CUSTOMERS. Access to information of interest, spa treatments, menus of gastronomic spaces and leisure activities will be facilitated through the hotel application. Access to it will be made by connecting to the establishment''s WIFI or scanning QR codes inserted in various information points in the hotel.

• CHECK OUT EXPRESS. Sending invoices by email and payment by credit card.

03. Rooms:

• CLEANING AND DISINFECTION PROTOCOL. Exceptional cleaning and disinfection protocols have been established for the rooms after the guests'' departure, paying special attention to items in frequent contact such as doorknobs, television controls, cabinet interiors and minibar, etc. All rooms will undergo a treatment of the ventilation systems after the departure of each client and before the entry of the next.

• POSTER WITH PROTOCOLS. In your room you will find information material on good prevention practices to reduce the risk of infection and on hand hygiene.

04. Facilities and common areas of the hotel:

• Natural ventilation of interior spaces, with opening windows and doors as far as possible.

• Air extraction systems, and exterior renovation of the same. In this way we avoid recirculation of indoor air, introducing new and clean air from outside.

• HEPA filters in ventilation systems, which helps remove harmful particles or pathogens.

•  Air quality detection systems, with constant measurement of CO2 levels and constant air purification.


• CLEANING AND SAFETY PROTOCOL. The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the common areas of hotels, reception desks, elevators, doors, bathrooms, etc. has increased. In elevators, an indication of its use will be placed for safety, and a recommendation for the use of stairs. The use of a mask is mandatory in closed spaces where the safety distance of 1.5 meters cannot be guaranteed, except in incompatible activities, such as bathing and eating and drinking.

• SECURITY CORNER FOR CUSTOMERS. We have included a hydroalcoholic solution at the entrance of the hotel, spa and gastronomic areas and for your peace of mind we will replace or keep the doors open as much as possible.

• POSTER WITH PROTOCOLS. Reinforcement of the signage with communication protocols.

• CHILDREN''S AREA. Children''s areas will remain closed because they are sensitive areas of contagion.

• GYM. Usable under reservation exclusively for members of a family unit. Increased daily cleaning and disinfection. Placement of disinfectant and paper for mandatory disinfection of machines before and after use. Opening and recommendation for the use of garden areas of the hotels for sports.

• BIKES. Disinfection protocol before and after each use.

• ELEVATORS: We have included hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at the entrances to all of our elevators.

05. Restaurant:

• ADVANCE RESERVATION. New system for pre-booking breakfast, lunch or dinner times through each hotel app before the guest''s arrival at the hotel.

• BREAKFAST SERVICES. We have established a special security protocol for this service.

• REDUCTION OF CAPACITIES. We have reduced the number of tables in the restaurant hall to ensure the safety separation established by our health authorities between tables, on terraces and outdoor green areas. Table service in our cafeterias.

• ROOM SERVICE. Adequacy of the offer and protocol of this service with the client.

• CLEANING AND DISINFECTION PROTOCOL. Recommendation to the client of the use of hydroalcoholic solutions at the entrance to the dining room. All our tablecloths will have a single use.

• CARD PAYMENT. Payment by card or virtual payment systems will be recommended, or charge said consumption or service to the room account.

06. Spa:

• HEALTH SURVEILLANCE. Upon arrival at the hotel, a temperature control will be carried out on all our guests.

• WATER TREATMENT. We have reinforced the daily controls following the marked maintenance and cleaning protocol of all our facilities. The virus is not spread by pool water, as long as they are well treated with chlorine treatments, which does not mean the loss of mineral-medicinal properties of our waters.

• REDUCTION OF CAPACITY AND TIMETABLE OF THE THERMAL POOL. You can enjoy access per person and night, prior reservation through the app of each hotel, within the defined access hours, for this different sections of opening hours have been created, limiting capacity. The maximum duration of stay in these facilities will be 2 hours and 45 minutes, and the area will be disinfected between the scheduled times.

• HAMMOCK. We have restructured the hammock areas, in the pool and treatment rest areas, in order to guarantee the mandatory safety distance between our clients.

• SECURITY PROTOCOLS. Mandatory mask for all spa staff. Access to the spa area with leggings or new disposable slippers. Use of single-use disposable material throughout the spa. Infusions and water service on request.

• DISINFECTION AND CLEANING. Disinfection of the loungers in the thermal pool and summer pool after the passage of each client and comprehensive disinfection of the treatment cabin.

• LIMITATION OF ACCESS TO THE CONTRAST CIRCUIT. We have limited access to groups from the same household. After each use, the space will be thoroughly disinfected at the customers'' exit.


• If your query is related to the management of your reservation, please contact us by email at reservas@castillatermal.com

• If it is urgent, you can contact us through info@castillatermal.com

• If you have questions or want to make any suggestions about security, you can contact Rocío García Serrano - rserrano@castillatermal.com Coordinator of the Covid-19 Security Committees